Samen op weg naar een groene toekomst

Wij geloven dat de duurzame groei van lichte, elektrische voertuigen gepaard gaat met een goede infrastructuur. Zo kan iedereen aangenaam reizen zonder het milieu te belasten. Wij zien graag steden zonder uitlaatgassen en vol met natuur, een bijdrage aan een gezondere omgeving die uiteindelijk zal leiden tot een gezondere samenleving.

De oplaadtegel en standaard zijn voortgekomen uit een project van de TU Delft en is ’s werelds eerste draadloze inductie laadoplossing voor e-bikes.

het tiler team

Christiaan van Nispen

Business Delevopment & Product Design - CEO

Olivier Coops

Operations & Product Development - COO

Ronald Kiewiet

PCB design & Mechanical design - CTO

Teun Verwijmeren

Product Designer & bike expert

Anamaria Grad

Hardware development & Electronic design - Engineer

Amarins Tamminga

Growth Hacker & content design - Digital Marketeer

Vasilis Skrekas

Hardware Development & Electronic Design - Engineer

Erwin van Veen

Product Designer

Mojtaba Karimi

Electronical engineer



Formerly known as Fesla Charge and founded in 2019, TILER was created by Christiaan van Nispen and Olivier Coops. Both entrepreneurs are passioned about creating a healthier environment. TILER is their first joint creation.

Until recently, Nispen was involved in creating a network of charging poles for electric vehicles in California. This confronted him with the enormous stray of shared e-bikes and the lack of an adequate charging infrastructure. He took this experience to the Netherlands after returning home in February 2019, which is when he got involved in the research of TU Delft scientists professor Pavol Bauer and Dr. Ir. Peter van Duijsen of valorization center Delft Enterprises. At the start of 2020, Oliver Coops joined the team as co-founder, adding his experience as a serial entrepreneur in building technology driven startups from scratch. Olivier is responsible for operations, product development and finance at Tiler.

The heart of the scientific research for TILER’s foundation lies in the patented contactless charger system for charging an electric vehicle. Its final result is the bicycle induction kickstand, allowing e-bikes and other light electric vehicles to be wirelessly charged. This makes for a more cost-effective solution that takes up less space than docking and charging stations. “Users have also told us how happy they are not having to disconnect, use wires or carry their battery,” says Nispen. “We believe that this global proliferation of light electric vehicles can succeed only with an impeccable charging infrastructure. Our solution is also vandalism proof, and the tile completely eliminates the fire hazards that traditional charging systems face.

TILER will boost wireless charging and green mobility with its sustainable charging tile. Starting in May 2020 with AHOY, TILER is slowly spreading throughout Europe, taking on new wireless charging projects in the Netherlands in 2020-2021. Contact us to join the green mobility movement.