"Introducing world’s first wireless charge tile for e-bikes"
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Always have a charged eBike available

Corporate fleets

Our charging solution is ideal for corporate fleets, that:

I. Require their own charging infrastructure
II. Use multiple eBikes
III. Frequent usage

Charging with ease

No more hassle with cables or removing the battery to and:

I. Minimal impact to the cityscape
II. Safe, sturdy and vandalism proof
III. Saves you money

Lets Go

We can retrofit your current eBike fleet or you can use one from our preferred eBike partners. We take care of the installation, maintenance and make sure you always have a charged eBike available

Don’t t hesitate to contact us as we are thrilled to explore pilot opportunities with you


Collaboration is the next competition - we are happy to share our vision and think along how to shape the future of urban mobility

We believe a sustainable growth of light electric vehicles is paired with an impeccable infrastructure

Are you interested to start a pilot or explore partnership?

please contact us at hello@tilercharge.com


1 %

Whether you drive an electric or fossil fueled car, only 5% of the energy is used to transport you, 95% the vehicle itself

1 k

Last year, more e-bikes have been sold in the Netherlands then regular bikes

1 %

25% of people that commute to work with a car could easily convert to using an e-bike

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Hoe twee Rotterdammers een TU-patent vermarkten

Foto: Naar goed Rotterdams gebruik kiezen Christiaan van Nispen en Olivier Coops voor de benadering ‘niet lullen maar testen’. (Foto: Sam Rentmeester) Source: https://www.delta.tudelft.nl/article/hoe-twee-rotterdammers-een-tu-patent-vermarkten Hoe

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Corporate Fleet charging solution

How would it look for your fleet

Some of our Partners

Collaboration is the next competition

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