10 Dutch mobility startups you absolutely must know about in 2020

10 Dutch mobility startups you absolutely must know about in 2020

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Currently, the trend points out at the continued growth in the global demand for mobility. With the increase in urbanisation, people prefer using a personal vehicle thereby resulting in an increase in the impact on the environment and CO2 emission. As the need of the hour is to combat this rapid urbanisation in our way of life, several mobility players have come up with a green fleet of vehicles that bring about sustainability in the industry.

To bring about a positive change, it is important to invest, support, and build an impact startup or collaborate with such companies. The Impactview ecosystem wants to bring a more sustainable world that realises the circular economy. With the intention to have more and better investments in impact-first startups, Impactview has shared a list of Dutch mobility startups out of Amsterdam that you should know about in 2020.

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Picture credits: Aquatic Drones

Aquatic Drones (Rotterdam)

Founder/s: Maarten Ruyssenaers
Founded year: 2015
Funding: NA

In today’s world, the maintenance of rivers, harbours, and sea are highly challenging and complex. Aquatic Drones operates with the intention to develop sustainable solutions along with technical frontrunners, development partners, and customers. These are maritime robots collecting data autonomously used in applications such as water quality and sampling, hydrographic surveys, surveillance and more. This startup comes up with sustainable, smart, and safe solutions to strike a balance between ecologic and economic goals.

Picture credits: DOCKR

DOCKR (Amersfoort)

Founder/s: Boris G.L. Kuijpers
Founded year: 2018
Funding: NA

DOCKR offers a completely flexible range of electric mobility options that produce zero emissions for SMEs. This Dutch mobility startup lets entrepreneurs serve the inner cities affordably, cleanly, and quickly with its small electric transportation options. There is a range of electric vehicles with flexible contracts for you to choose from. Also, DOCKR assures to help you master the city centre with its mobility solutions. You can choose between a monthly and a relatively cheaper annual subscription. Also, there is a daily subscription priced starting from €6.85 per day.

Picture credits: E-Trailer

E-Trailer (Delft)

Founder/s: Rick Lenssen, Boy Trip
Founded year: 2015
Funding: NA

E-Trailer is a system that ensures that your camping trip is worry-free and safer. This startup always keeps you informed about the overall condition of your caravan or motorhome via your smartphone. You can make the trip safer and more relaxing by getting the status of your camping equipment every 1.2 seconds. These details include nose weight, tire pressure, the status of the battery, and more. All you need is a smartphone with Bluetooth connectivity and E-Trailer app that can be linked to your personal modules with a QR code.

Picture credits: Tiler

Fesla Charge aka Tiler (Delft)

Founder/s: Christiaan van Nispen
Founded year: 2019
Funding: NA

Delft-based Tiler formerly Fesla Charge has developed a charging tile with a compatible bicycle kickstand. It will let e-bikes and other light electric vehicles to charge wirelessly via induction. The charging tile will be relatively more cost-effective, will take up less space, and less susceptible to vandalism than alternatives such as charging and docking stations. Users need not disconnect and carry their battery, thereby eliminating risks such as fire hazards or cable breakage. Tiler makes innovation sustainable, user-friendly, and affordable and aims to boost contactless charging of electric vehicles promoting green mobility with its charging tile.

Picture credits: OnzeAuto

OnzeAuto (Utrecht)

Founder/s: Otto Smit
Founded year: 2017
Funding: NA

OnzeAuto is a Utrecht-based startup that enables private persons and SMEs to tease and share fully electric cars in small groups of known users. Thereby, this startup greatly minimises the cost of driving a car and contributes to the environment with zero emissions. It frees up public parking space as every shared car replaces at least 5 to 8 other cars. Furthermore, it builds stronger local communities. OnzeAuto provides great value to both the users and the society.

Picture credits: Packaly

Packaly (Utrecht)

Founder/s: Adrik Elzing, Axel Dekker, Niels Nijhof
Founded year: 2018
Funding: €150k

Packaly lets retailers deliver their package to their customers in less than 60 minutes. The startup offers an on-demand delivery platform that delivers seven days a week along with evening delivery as well. Users placing an order via an affiliated online store can choose the Packaly option to get the benefit of the quick delivery service. Besides the 60 minutes delivery option, the packages will be collected in just ten minutes on an average and evening deliveries will be completed between 5 PM and 9 PM.

Picture credits: ROCSYS

ROCSYS (Delft)

Founder/s: Crijn Bouman, Joost van der Weijde
Founded year: 2019
Funding: NA

ROCSYS is developing a soft robotic arm and computer vision technology to enable fully automated charging of electric vehicles. This will be a convenient option for drivers of electric cars. It will also provide operators of fast-charging stations and owners of commercial fleets such as buses, trucks, and industrial vehicles to make optimal use of their assets. ROCSYS is making significant improvements to electric vehicles charging infrastructure. In November last year, ROCSYS has secured a €200K investment from UNIIQ to help further develop its technology to enable unmanned charging of electric vehicles.

Picture credits: UTURN

UTURN (Rotterdam)

Founder/s: Timo Huges
Founded year: 2016
Funding: NA

UTURN brings supply and demand together in a smart way. The mobility startup’s platform is aware of the location of carriers and matches them with relevant orders submitted by shippers. You can respond to shipments that are relevant and quote on jobs that are interesting to you quickly. Your quotes are inaccessible and confidential for other users. On the whole, UTURN improves your utilisation, ensures ease, and takes care of administrative tasks and arranges quick payments. The creators of the UTURN platform are from the logistics sector and understands what’s important to you.

Picture credits: RoadEO

RoadEO (Noordwijk)

Founder/s: Alexander Gunkel
Founded year: 2017
Funding: NA

RoadEO is developing an innovative, comprehensive data collection and analytics tool for road quality monitoring performed by public and private road authorities. The mobility startup operates with the vision to improve road safety and comfort of users across the world. This is possible by generating, combining, and processing novel data sources and deploying the latest technological tools. RoadEO is a part of the European Space Agency Business Incubation program and one of the leading startup tech hubs in South Holland.

Picture credits: Tracefy

Tracefy (Delft)

Founder/s: Jeroen van Kester
Founded year: 2016
Funding: €300k

Tracefy aims to contribute to social challenges like sustainable mobility, quality of the environment, security and health. The startup develops a solution especially for smart mobility vehicles like e-bikes, e-scooters and kick scooters. The Tracefy SmartModule is equipped with several sensors like GPS, shock sensor, sim module, and Wi-fi tracking. It has GPRS and GSM connection for maximum reliability and an internal backup battery. Back in 2019, the startup secured €300k funding for further development and upscaling of their innovation.

Main image picture credits: Tracefy

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