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TILER’s charging solution is compatible with (almost) all e-bikes. Battery types that haven’t been connected with TILER before, do need to be checked beforehand. This has to with the number of battery cells and the specific battery-management system (BMS) of the battery. It’s TILER’s mission to build a universal charging system on which all e-bikes (and in the future also other light-electric vehicles) can be charged.

The TILER charging tile works in combination with the TILER charging kickstand. The energy is wirelessly transferred to the e-bike through induction. The nice thing is that you don’t have to plug chargers in and out. Parking is automatically charging.

The TILER charging tile can charge 2 Ampere, just like a normal charger. Furthermore, fast charging will be possible in the future on the charging tile with 4 Ampere.

The TILER charging tile and kickstand cost together €699. These costs include warranty and maintenance in the pilot phase but exclude installation. The installation costs depend on the number of tiles that need to be place and the location.

Yes for sure! The TILER charging solution can be installed in-ground, just like a regular pavement tiler, but we also offer a charging-platform in which the TILER charging tile is integrated. The platform can be placed on-ground, doesn’t have to be digged in, which makes it a perfect charging solution for inside!

At the moment, TILER is focusing on charging e-bikes. In the future TILER wants to expand to a charging tile that can be used for different types of light electric vehicles. The first step is to create a charging solution for e-cargo bikes, which TILER is currently developing.

Yes the TILER charging kickstand can be sold separately to connect multiple e-bikes to your TILER-network.

The TILER charging kickstand is connected to the battery with a wire. This wire is neatly concealed to the e-bike. When you do want to charge the e-bike with your regular charger sometime, that’s possible.

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