We believe that an impeccable charging infrastructure is key for further growth of light electric vehicles and the transition in urban mobility​

Park charge Go​

Safe and reliable charging without impacting the cityscape


PARK CHARGE GO, is how we describe the seamless experience. No need to carry your own adapter or to keep a wide variety of different adapters. No hassle to install bulky charging stations


Tiler is connected to the regular (in Europe 230V) grid, requires low installation and maintenance costs. As a bonus, there is no need to keep spending money at different adapters due to corrosion or theft


Tiler charges the battery at the e-bike which prevents people to charge the battery inside the building unsafe. And people will not trip over wires, because there is no wire


Tiler collects data for your fleet management. We are working on an IOT solution and API to give you information like which e-bike is charging or fully charged, what is the average occupation rate per tile or to give you a warning when tires need to be inflated

Charging as a service

Tiler does not just sell a charge tile. We are a full-service concept to make sure that there is always a charged e-bike available. Tiler takes care of installation and maintenance. We continuously challenge ourselves to provide a better service for you


The Tile is smoothly mounted in the ground and is made of robust materials. Tiler offers a sustainable charging infrastructure to be scaled in the cityscape. The design decreases the chances of vandalism. And people will not trip over wires, because there is no wire