Tiler introduces world’s first wireless charge tile for e-bikes. Together with Technical University Delft we developed an induction technology for our patented charge tile and smart kickstand.

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About us

Tiler was founded in 2019  by Christiaan van Nispen and Olivier Coops. Both entrepreneurs are experienced in founding and kickstarting tech startups.

TU Delft spin-off Tiler, formerly Fesla Charge, has developed a charging tile with a compatible bicycle kickstand, which will allow e-bikes and other light electric vehicles to charge wirelessly through induction. The charging tile will be more cost-effective, less susceptible to vandalism and will take up less space than alternatives such as docking and charging stations. Moreover, users will not have to disconnect and carry their battery and the risk of cable breakage and fire hazard will be eliminated. This will make the innovation user-friendly, sustainable and affordable. Tiler aims to boost wireless charging and green mobility with the charging tile.

We are planning to do 30 pilots this year to validate the solution, and be ready to scale in 2021. Our first pilot is with AHOY.

How it al started

The founding team envisions a future with light electric vehicles posing a solution for many problem we are facing today. Such as pollution, traffic jams, lots of concrete and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Until recently, Christiaan van Nispen was living in California where we was involved in creating a network of charging poles for electric vehicles.  It was there in California that he was confronted with the enormous stray of shared e-bikes and the lack of an adequate charging infrastructure.

We believe that this global proliferation of light electric vehicles can succeed only with an impeccable (charging) infrastructure. 

The scientific research for the foundation of Tiler was conducted by two leading TU Delft scientists prof. Pavol Bauer and dr. ir. Peter van Duijsen, supported by MSc student Tim Velzeboer. The heart of the research lies in the patent Contactless charger system for charging an electric vehicle.



Meet our team

Anamaria Grad

Electrotechnical Engineering

Olivier Coops

Operations and product development / COO

Christiaan van Nispen

Business development and Product Design / CEO


We are looking for Electro technical and Mechanical Engineers.